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Just a few things to know before experiencing 600+ pages of history and over 5,000 photos of our Husky Crews over the years:

  1) This site was originally written and published here at Huskycrew.org in 2003 (about ten years before the mainstreaming of smartphones) using 2003 (MS Frontpage) software. And it still is, as upgrading now is overwhelmingly cost prohibitive. But that has not stopped the history from being continuously updated for the last 20+ years (most recently with the extensive addition of the Women's Rowing History, added in 2022 in celebration of the the 50th Anniversary of Title IX).  However, due to the less than ideal formatting for smartphones, this website is best viewed on desktop or laptop computers (or tablets). 

  2) The mission of this work, from the beginning, was to raise awareness of Washington Rowing, and to reconnect our alums and community to this unique program that has had such a positive impact on all of us.  It has succeeded beyond my wildest imagination. With Daniel James Brown's bestselling book The Boys in the Boat published in 2013, and the subsequent George Clooney movie launched in 2023, the History of Washington Rowing has become a global story.

  3) There is nothing published on the web, or in a book, for any other amateur sports team (men and women combined) that matches the historical detail or extended research found here. I hope every visitor will learn from and enjoy it, but after twenty years of self-funding this website and content, it is time to update this site and I cannot do that alone. It will take a significant investment. If you enjoy these pages, or simply want to support the work done here, please visit our Donate page (all donations to the Husky Rowing Foundation are tax deductible). Thank you!

Eric Cohen, UW Coxswain and Class of '82

Now on to the history!

Overview and Table of Contents: University of Washington Rowing History

The 1936 History and Team: The 1936 Olympic Rowing Team - The Boys In The Boat

The Washington Women's History: Washington Women's Rowing History

Full Timeline 1903 - 2023: Washington Rowing Historical Timeline


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